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Why Sports Fans Should Consult their Optometrist to Keep their Vision Healthy

Grace Henderson

It's hard to think of a sport where good vision isn't a major asset. Whether you're blocking a swinging cricket ball, getting into position to smash a forehand along the line or lining up a pool shot, the quality of your vision will always be a key part of how you perform. But despite this, many people take their eyes for granted, and they don't protect their vision the way they should when playing the sports they love.

The risks are more serious than you might think. According to the medical alliance Sports Medicine Australia, there are plenty of ways to damage your eyes when exercising, from taking inadequate precautions against ultraviolet light or bright sunlight to direct blows from balls or bats. So what can everyday players do to protect themselves during physical activity?

Get the right eye protection for particular sports

Optometrists are starting to recommend increased use of eye protection for all sports with high-velocity projectiles, such as squash, as well as hazardous games like paintball. This usually entails wearing prescription glasses with reinforced frames, lightweight materials and shatter-proof lenses. These glasses can withstand impacts and won't be too burdensome to wear. In fact, the best prescription sports eyewear is barely noticeable, once you get used to wearing it.

Every sport will have its own specialist eyewear, from skiing to tennis, so be sure to find the most relevant products. And don't skimp on sizing, either. Having a proper fitting and a rigorous prescription from a sports optometrist will ensure that the quality of vision is exceptional and the eyewear will be as stable as possible.

Be disciplined about UV protection

In Australia, it's a fair bet that sporting activities will take place in bright sunshine. That's just the nature of the Aussie climate. And that also means sports that tend to be played in high-UV conditions, posing major risks to players' vision.

This is a risk for almost all sports fans, not just adults. There have been plenty of recent cases of children experiencing problems like abnormally thickened conjunctiva due to extended UV exposure, potentially compromising their vision for good. And even if the symptoms aren't picked up as a child, the damage builds up into adulthood, causing issues later in life. This means that reducing exposure to direct sunlight for long periods and investing in high-quality prescription sunglasses is a must.

So, if you love to play sports in the sun, go ahead. But it's definitely worth taking expert advice from your optometrist and sourcing the right protective equipment if you want to keep your vision healthy for as long as possible.