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Hey! My name is Marley and this is my health advice blog. Maintaining your health is easy when you are young. However, as you get older, you may develop illnesses and disorders as a result of your lifestyle choices. When I hit the age of 50 years old, I suddenly realised that I had a lot of problems which I had been ignoring for a long time. I decided to visit my doctor and seek help. Over the past year, I have worked closely with my doctor to improve my lifestyle and my health. I hope my blog inspires you to do the same.

Marley's Health Advice

  • Improving the Effectiveness of Physio Among Senior Adults

    14 December 2019

    Senior adults experience mobility problems caused by aging and long-term illnesses such as arthritis, COPD, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. Physiotherapy is an effective intervention to improve mobility and muscle strength and to reduce pain and falls.  In the extract below, you will learn how you can improve the effectiveness of physiotherapy among the elderly.  Strong Support Mechanism One of the reasons why physio can be ineffective among the elderly is that they lack the drive to attend physio sessions.

  • A Short Guide on Anxiety and Anxiety Counselling.

    25 October 2019

    People that suffer from anxiety often experience nervousness, dry mouth, chest pains, fatigue and excessive sweating when confronted with a situation that makes them anxious. Read the extract below to get a better understanding of anxiety and anxiety counselling.  What Is Anxiety?  Anxiety is a normal human reaction to a stressful event. Everyone has been anxious at some point. However, anxiety becomes a disorder when it becomes uncontrollable. For instance, most people are anxious when taking their first flight.

  • Markedly Reduce the Risk of Cervical Cancer

    18 September 2019

    As people get older, they may be at greater risk of contracting a serious illness, and this is why it's important, in certain circumstances, to be screened. For women, the biggest risk involves cancer of the cervix, and this is why healthcare providers can conduct a smear test to help look for signs of trouble. If you're between the age of 25 and 74, then you should pay close attention to this risk and if you have not had the appropriate check, should get one.

  • Important Things You Need to Know About Rechargeable Hearing Aids

    26 July 2019

    Before the emergence of rechargeable hearing aids, typical hearing aids were only powered by disposable batteries. Currently, you can either choose between rechargeable hearing aids or hearing aids powered by disposable batteries. Rechargeable hearing aids have become popular lately because of the benefits they offer. Find out more below. What Are Your Options? If you already own hearing aids powered by disposable batteries and you want rechargeable hearing aids, you can either have your current hearing aids modified by a qualified person or buy new rechargeable hearing aids.

  • Is Menopause Affecting Your Sleep?

    31 May 2019

    Most older women have some menopausal symptoms. These may be mild in some people and more severe in others. If you think you might be starting to go through menopause, then you may wonder if some of the physical and psychological symptoms you're having are caused by this change in life. For example, you may be experiencing problems sleeping that you've not had in the past. How might menopause affect your sleep, and what can you do about it?