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Improving the Effectiveness of Physio Among Senior Adults

Grace Henderson

Senior adults experience mobility problems caused by aging and long-term illnesses such as arthritis, COPD, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. Physiotherapy is an effective intervention to improve mobility and muscle strength and to reduce pain and falls. 

In the extract below, you will learn how you can improve the effectiveness of physiotherapy among the elderly. 

Strong Support Mechanism

One of the reasons why physio can be ineffective among the elderly is that they lack the drive to attend physio sessions. A supportive family can significantly increase their motivation to abide by the physiotherapy program. Family members can help the individual attempt physio exercises at home. They can also volunteer to take the senior adult to the physiotherapist. 

Work with a Flexible Physiotherapist

Other than experience and reputation, you should also be concerned about the physiotherapist's flexibility. For instance, does the therapist provide home visits? Does he or she work on weekends and late hours? Does the therapist provide hospital-based care? For example, if your loved one is admitted to a hospital, will the therapist provide physio services to the patient? A therapist who strictly works in his or her clinic may not be a suitable choice if the patient is battling other health conditions that restrict their movement.

Setting Physio Goals

Physio goals must be patient-focused. As such, the physiotherapist should examine the patient's condition, attitude and background when setting the goals. For instance, if the patient is uncomfortable with hydrotherapy, the therapist could attempt an alternative therapy. The goals must be realistic. Let the patient know that it is impossible to achieve instant results. The physiotherapist should involve close family members when setting physiotherapy goals. He or she could also train them on how to perform some of the exercises. The therapist must have a reliable method of evaluating the physio goals. If the intervention is no longer effective, he or she should recommend an alternative treatment such as surgery. 

Encourage Independence

Seniors need a certain degree of independence. As such, let your loved one practice some of the physio exercises, such as walks, on their own. Make your home elderly-friendly. For instance, low-lying shelves and rails will make it easy for your loved one to access all corners of your home without asking for help. If the patient feels overly-reliant on their family, they may be unable to speak up about their condition and what they think of physiotherapy.

Use the above tips to improve the effectiveness of physiotherapy among senior adults. Effect a strong support mechanism, work with a flexible physiotherapist, set realistic physio goals and encourage independence.