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Skin Conditions That Your Baby May Experience

Grace Henderson

Since your baby's skin is sensitive, various factors like cold, heat, bacteria, fungus, lengthy duration with a wet diaper or allergies may cause a rash. Some rashes may clear on their own, but if you feel or see that the rash is not clearing, visit your paediatrician. Here are a few common rashes your baby may experience.

Cradle Cap

Cradle cap comes from normal skin fungus and can be facilitated by maternal hormones from the womb. Cradle cap is also referred to as seborrheic dermatitis. What will indicate your child has cradle cap? You will notice some scaly pink or red patches on his or her scalp. In some cases, this will also be found around the armpits, groin or neck. To ease your baby's condition, apply olive oil on the affected area some minutes before bath time; for the scalp, you can also use some tear-free shampoo.

Diaper or Nappy Rash

Diaper rashes will arise when you keep your baby in a wet diaper for a long time or when there is a bacteria or yeast infection.  You will notice a red, scaly rash around the baby's genitals or area covered by the diaper. To avoid or treat this condition, make sure you change your baby's diaper frequently. When you change the diaper, clean the area with plain water and apply a mild baby cream. Do not use heavy creams! Your baby might be allergic and get a severe rash.

Heat Rash

Heat rashes occur because your baby's sweat glands are not fully developed. Instead of sweating, the sweat remains beneath the skin and causes a rash. The condition is sometimes called miliaria or prickly heat, so don't panic when you see strange words when you google your child's condition. You will notice some clear or red bumps on the covered areas of your baby's skin. If you are in a locality with hot weather, avoid dressing your baby too warmly. Also, avoid swaddling him or her with a thick blanket. Do not also use heavy ointments or creams as they will block your baby's sweat glands.

General Baby Skin Care

Don't wait for your baby to suffer from a skin condition to start caring for his or her skin. Use mild soaps, cleansers, creams and ointments on your baby's skin. During hot weather, avoid overdressing your child and go for light clothing. For baths, too hot or too cold water is not safe. Use warm water.

Take your baby to a doctor for a skin check if you have concerns or if one of these conditions doesn't go away on its own.