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Preparing Your Daughter for Her First Gynaecology Visit

Grace Henderson

Most parents may not know the right age for their daughter to visit a gynaecologist. It is usually recommended to visit the gynaecologist at around 15 years of age. A visit to the gynaecologist does not mean your daughter will be physically examined. A physical examination is recommended if there are health issues related to the genitals or breasts. At times, the patient needs to be 21 years of age for a physical exam to be done in the case where there are no symptoms.

What Happens If Not a Physical Exam?

You and your daughter will visit the clinic. Depending on the reason that has brought you in, your daughter will be provided with accurate information and answers to questions related to sex. Her body will definitely be changing and she might have questions that you as a parent may not be able to answer effectively.

When getting answers, issues such as pregnancy and STDs will arise and she will learn how to prevent them and maintain a healthy lifestyle. At times your daughter may feel shy or uncomfortable talking to the gynaecologist in your presence, and you may be requested to step out for a while. You can step out, but try and make your daughter feel comfortable talking to you about sexual concerns.

As mentioned above, a physical exam will be needed if your daughter has severe pain, heavy bleeding, vaginal discharge, missed periods, etc.

Choosing A Gynaecologist

Now that you know what entails the first visit, you want your daughter to be as comfortable as possible and will need her input on the gynaecologist she wants. Does she want a male or female gynaecologist?  Does she want your gynaecologist, as her mom, or someone new?  Does she want someone she has seen before?

Inform Your Daughter on What to Expect

You can start by informing your daughter on the types of questions she may expect so that she does not feel embarrassed. The gynaecologist may ask about her period, whether she has been sexually active, what she knows about pregnancy or STDs, etc. You should also remind her that telling the truth is important to have a healthy lifestyle. This way she will be able to prepare honest answers and she will have time to think. You also need to reassure her that no matter what happens, you will always be there for her and not judge. In case of a physical exam, you may also try and inform your daughter what may happen. If you are not aware, the gynaecologist can give answers to this.

Preparing your daughter for a gynaecologist visit is important, as you will have guaranteed the beginning or continuation of her healthy lifestyle.