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Hey! My name is Marley and this is my health advice blog. Maintaining your health is easy when you are young. However, as you get older, you may develop illnesses and disorders as a result of your lifestyle choices. When I hit the age of 50 years old, I suddenly realised that I had a lot of problems which I had been ignoring for a long time. I decided to visit my doctor and seek help. Over the past year, I have worked closely with my doctor to improve my lifestyle and my health. I hope my blog inspires you to do the same.


Marley's Health Advice

Essential Health Tips Men and Women Can Use

Grace Henderson

No matter what age you are, maintaining a good state of health is crucial. The more effort you put into staying healthy now, the easier you'll find staying healthy in your golden years. Here are some essential health tips that both men and women can use.

Ditch Afternoon Caffeine

While coffee can offer a useful boost in the morning, it can have a negative impact in your sleep in the afternoon. If an afternoon caffeine hit is one of your creature comforts, now's the time to stop. In addition to increasing your heart rate, it can impact your sleep. Suffering from poor sleep has an adverse effect on many areas of your health, including your weight and mood. While you may experience some withdrawal symptoms at first, it won't take long for you to get into a new healthier routine.

Move Around More

While exercising is one of the more obvious lifestyle changes you can make, it's one that many find difficult to stick with. In a lot of cases, having a greater understanding of the impact it can have drives motivation. Many men's health awareness campaigns focus on mental wellbeing. Exercise increases your serotonin and dopamine levels, which in turn makes you happier and improves your focus. Working out also contributes toward weight loss, which in turn reduces your risk of various inflammatory and bone diseases. If you're struggling to stay fit, keep changing activities until you find one that appeals to you.

Attend Routine Check-ups

The older you get, the more routine check-ups you'll encounter. For example, cancer checks such as cervical smears and mammograms form a big part of women's health checks. Similarly, men require prostate cancer checks as they get older, and both men and women are screened for bowel cancer. When you attend these checks, you reduce your risk of finding cancer in its advanced stages. Additionally, attending such appointments may reveal other aspects of your health that you need to address.

Keep Seeing Others

Socialising decreases your risk of memory loss and improves your mental wellbeing. Certain life events can make it harder to socialise, though, such as when you move house, have a child, or switch jobs. When those life events happen, make sure you don't lose track of your social life. By making your friends and family a priority you can boost your wellbeing and life will become more fun.

Finally, if you have any health concerns, always consult a medical professional. If there are lifestyle changes you need to make, they'll soon highlight them.