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5 Tell-Tale Signs of a Clandestine Drug Lab You Should Know Before Purchasing a Property

Grace Henderson

Clandestine drug labs are generally hideous locations where unethical individuals make synthetic drugs, including Meth and MDMA or ecstasy. Small capacity clandestine drug labs are far from what you can perceive. Some might be small kitchens improvised by sly armature chemists looking to make illegal money through highly sought-after drugs. They usually use common household ingredients, like sulfuric acid, lithium, salt and anhydrous ammonia. 

Typically, the process of manufacturing clandestine drugs leaves behind several contaminants, and even after disassembling the location, the residues are prone to contaminate the area. Until the location is fumigated and thoroughly cleaned by professional chemical cleaners, the clandestine drug lab is prone to cause health risks to the next occupants in the house. 

When renting or buying a property, consider these five tell-tale signs that undercover drug dealers used the house before committing to buy: 

Unusual Odours 

One apparent sign that the property you intend to purchase or rent was previously used as a clandestine manufacturing lab is the unusual or pungent smell. Usually, you might experience a rotten egg smell, which results from ammonia. 

Excessive Trash on the Property

Clandestine drug production facilities accumulate excessive waste during the manufacturing process. Therefore, when you notice unusually significant amounts of chemical containers discarded around the property, that's a tell-tale sign of a clandestine drug lab. Furthermore, excessive lithium batteries, hydrogen peroxide containers, acetone, safety gloves and coffee filters are a sure sign of a drug lab. 

Suspicious Looking Property  

Another visual evidence commonly associated with clandestine drug labs is a suspicious or abandoned façade. Generally, clandestine labs always feel unwelcoming and highly secretive. Furthermore, you will see occasional users going in and coming out with little regard for property maintenance. However, it's worth noting that this isn't a general rule since even pristine-looking houses have been nabbed for clandestine drug activities. Therefore, keep an eye on pretty looking houses as they might not be exempt from clandestine drug activities. 

Look Out for Odd-Looking Plumbing and Diverted Power Lines

You can quickly identify a clandestine drug lab by looking for improvised plumbing features, re-configured ventilation systems, and diverted electrical power lines. Most clandestine drug specialists alter plumbing systems to allow for more straightforward toxic waste disposal. They might also improvise ventilation systems to get rid of toxic gas emissions and chemical fumes. 

Excessive Security Measures 

Finally, individuals running a clandestine drug facility will always take extreme safety measures to protect their business. They can opt for several high-end security measures, including installing modern alarm systems, surveillance cameras, and motion sensors. Others might even go further to install dangerous booby traps to fend off security officers and trespassers. 

If you suspect your property was a clandestine drug lab, call a professional for help.