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Hey! My name is Marley and this is my health advice blog. Maintaining your health is easy when you are young. However, as you get older, you may develop illnesses and disorders as a result of your lifestyle choices. When I hit the age of 50 years old, I suddenly realised that I had a lot of problems which I had been ignoring for a long time. I decided to visit my doctor and seek help. Over the past year, I have worked closely with my doctor to improve my lifestyle and my health. I hope my blog inspires you to do the same.


Marley's Health Advice

  • How to Talk to Your GP About Mental Health

    26 March 2018

    It is estimated that one in five Australians will experience a mental health problem each year. Knowing how to recognise the signs that you may be mental distress and how to talk to your GP about how you are feeling can help you to get the treatment and support you need. Below is a guide which will help you to prepare for and get the most out of your appointment.

  • Pain Medication: Should You Choose Compounded Transdermal Drugs?

    8 March 2018

    Transdermal compounded analgesics are prepared to match the specific pain management needs of each patient. Also, these customised drugs are not taken orally like most systemic drugs. Instead, the active ingredients in the painkillers are delivered into the bloodstream through the skin. If you are managing chronic pain and have found that standard oral medication is unsuitable for your condition, you should look into this alternative. Here are the primary advantages of choosing compounded transdermal analgesics for your pain management regime.

  • 3 Fundamentals that Make Lifestyle Community a Smart Choice after Retirement

    29 January 2018

    Many people consider retirement as an end to an era, but to others, life begins after retirement. Joining a lifestyle community after your retirement can get you saying that indeed life starts after work is over. Lifestyle retirement communities are hardly mere rehabilitation centres for seniors; the centres are an opportunity for growth and personal development. Below are three basic guides to help you understand the things lifestyle communities offer and the benefits members stand to gain.

  • Why Sports Fans Should Consult their Optometrist to Keep their Vision Healthy

    23 January 2018

    It's hard to think of a sport where good vision isn't a major asset. Whether you're blocking a swinging cricket ball, getting into position to smash a forehand along the line or lining up a pool shot, the quality of your vision will always be a key part of how you perform. But despite this, many people take their eyes for granted, and they don't protect their vision the way they should when playing the sports they love.

  • 4 Signs That You Should See a Physiotherapist

    12 January 2018

    Avoid thinking that you should only see a physiotherapist when you are recovering from a major injury. Physiotherapy can enhance your wellbeing by addressing issues that limit how well your muscular and skeletal systems function. This article discusses some of the signs that should prompt you to see a physiotherapist. Loss of Balance Have you been finding it hard to balance as you move or sit in one position? You may have issues with the structures inside your inner ears.